jeep tour (5 hours) with overnight

Wadi Rum Jeep Tour (5 HOURS) With Overnight

The Jeep Tour (5 hours) With Overnight is considered one of the distinguished tours that are chosen in Wadi Rum, the charming Jordanian desert, through which you will explore the most beautiful tourist and natural areas in the Wadi Rum desert and the famous places that witnessed the filming of the most famous international films in it. Also, there will be special stops to give The opportunity for hiking lovers to contemplate and take the most beautiful pictures of the Wadi Rum desert while touring the golden sands. We will also offer the experience of spending a night under millions of stars in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert in a traditional Bedouin tourist camp, where the guest will get a private Bedouin tent in a privileged location overlooking the famous Valley of the Moon. Guests will have dinner, breakfast and a beautiful night that will be immortalized in the memory book.

Meeting point to start the Jeep Tour (5 HOURS) With Overnight

The meeting point and the beginning of the tour will be the village of Wadi Rum where you will park your own car in a safe and free place until you return from the desert and after the break, and after sipping welcome Bedouin tea in the guesthouse, you will start the pocket tour, adventure tour and exploration You take the jeep and head to the Wadi Rum desert.

Itinerary for jeep tour (5 hours) overnight

Through the 5-hour jeep tour, you will visit the most important 7 main areas in the Wadi Rum desert.

Nabataean temple in Wadi Rum

  • The Nabataean Temple

The Nabataean Temple, which was built to sanctify the goddess (Al-Lat), dates back to the year 32 AD. It is close to the modern village of Rum. In addition to the temple, you can see the many rock carvings and Nabataean inscriptions found in the area
The colorful Nabataean temple is located just 500 meters from the village of Wadi Rum at the foot of the impressive slopes of Jebel Rum. It is an archaeological landmark worth visiting!

Lawrence spring-wadirum-jeep-tours

  • Lawrence spring

Lawrence Spring is a natural spring named after T.E.L. Lawrence, also known as Lawrence of Arabia. This spring is considered one of the most important sources of water for the Bedouin to water their animals. Visitors can explore the spring and learn about its history and importance.

Red sand dunes-wadirum-jeep-tours

  • Red sand dunes

The red sand dunes are a popular destination for visitors who want to experience the beauty of the desert. The dunes are striking red in color and provide an excellent opportunity for photography. It is distinguished by its view of the most beautiful valleys of Wadi Rum

Khazali Canyon-wadirum desert jeep tours

  • The Khazali Canyon

The Khazali Canyon is a narrow canyon that is famous for its ancient rock art. Visitors can explore the canyon and see the different petroglyphs that have been etched into the rocks over thousands of years.

Little rock bridge-wadirum desert-jeep tours

  • Little rock bridge

One of the most famous tourist attractions in the Wadi Rum desert, and is famous for its picturesque landscapes and unique rock formations, is the Little Rock Bridge, a natural rock arch that spans the mountain, offering stunning views of the surrounding desert. It can be climbed easily.

  • Lawrence House

The Lawrence House is a small structure said to have been used by T.E.L.E. Lawrence during his time in the desert. There are many stories about him. The house is a small wall and it can be a temple or an ordinary house.
But what distinguishes the place is the wonderful view to get beautiful pictures.

Umm Frouth rock bridge-wadirumdesert-jeep-tours

  • Umm Frouth rock bridge

One of the most impressive rock formations in Wadi Rum is the Umm Frouth Rock Bridge, a natural arch that spans a narrow valley. The bridge is over 15 meters long and offers a stunning photo opportunity, as well as an exciting hiking experience around the area if you feel like it.

Abu Khashaba Valley-wadirumdesert jeep tours

Abu Khashaba Valley

Wadi Abu Khashaba is one of the most impressive rock formations. It is a cleft that divides the mountain and is crossed on foot from one direction to the other and takes approximately 25 minutes.

  • Wadi Rum Bedouin camp/wadirum-desert/jeep tours
    Wadi Rum Bedouin camp

At the end of the jeep tour in the Wadi Rum desert, you will go to the Bedouin camp site in the middle of the desert, to gather in a traditional private Bedouin tent, take a break before eating dinner, and spend a special night under the bright stars.

  • Back from Wadi Rum desert

On the second day, after breakfast, the jeep will take you back to the village of Wadi Rum, where your car is parked, to end your adventure in the Wadi Rum desert, and leave with the most beautiful memories.

Pick-Up Service

Private pick-up service from/to any location in Jordan: We can pick you up and drop you off from any hotel, airport, seaport, or border checkpoint in Jordan, for example, any hotel in Aqaba, Petra, Amman, and Dead sea.

Jeep tour start time

Since we are flexible regarding the time and the tours that we offer, you will have complete freedom to choose the time that suits you to start the jeep tour.


The price includes a private jeep tour in the Wadi Rum desert

It includes accommodation in a Bedouin camp, two dinners and breakfast, and transportation to and from the camp

Bedouin tea, bottled water and an unforgettable desert experience.



55 dinars

for one person



50 dinars

for one person



40 dinars

for one person

* Children 12 years and under are free.

* You can pay in cash in Jordanian dinars

or US dollars

or euro

For reservations and inquiries

We welcome your contact here on WhatsApp and we will answer you at any time

Ayed Abu Bilal

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